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 #499  by Nito
 Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:38 pm
I couldn't find a tracking website for Runescape that had everything I wanted while I was playing it so, I started developing this script. It is not complete, but it's a decent start. It's pretty much ready for basic release, but it lacks some of the more indepth sections.

Please do not contact me about any issues regarding this script (unless you're willing to pay for my time). It is released as-is without any warranty, and I will not be held responsible for anything going wrong while attempting to use either the web or software based code.

-EoC update renders combat level calculations nil. Combat level equation has to be edited to calculate the following: (highest_combat_skill+defense_level)+2, with a max combat level of 200.

Development Concept

Statistic Tracking:
Daily updates via software based XML gathering. This is done by using a third party website (rsapi.net). I had originally setup cron routines to gather the data, but it became a hassle and extremely inefficient. So, I converted the crons over to console applications written in CSharp connected to the web servers database. I had planned on adding a locally based database to make it even more efficient, since it would no longer need to query the web server until it was ready to update the tables with the new data.
**Jagex recently updated their highscores to only show paying players. You will need to edit the script to reflect this.

Statistic Breakdown:
As of this point, I have it setup to show two different versions of the stat's; Regular table based chart and an interactive pie chart. The pie chart is setup to allow you to go back in the history of the selected user to see their previous monthly statistics.

Social Networking:
Initially, I wasn't planning on having this as a public script, but it wouldn't be much more to design it for multiple users. I decided to set it up to allow registrations, which character checks. Nothing too indepth in it right now, but it probably wouldn't be too hard to turn it around and allow friends and what-not.

Console Applications:
There are three(3) separate app's; Skills, Quests and Transfer.
-Skills: Utilizes the RSAPI.net API to check and gather updated data for each user. It checks it against current data in the db, and updates as needed.
-Quests: Checks the users RSS feed on at "services.runescape.com/m=adventurers-log/rssfeed?searchName=USERNAME", it then checks against quests in the database. If the quest is found, it checks it against the users logged quests. If the quest is not found in the db, it adds it to the quest list as well as the users quests.
-Transfer: This is run once a month on either the first or last day (your choice). It takes the current months data from the table, and transfers it over to the archived table. It then resets the months data back to 0.

Setting up for use

-You may want to change the logo and images. Doing this is obvious, and shouldn't need any explanation.
-Open defs.php (incs/defs.php) and change as needed.
-Create a database for the site and import sql-dump.sql (sql/sql-dump.sql).
-Open config.php and change the strings as needed.
-Create a user (I didn't setup any administration area, so there are no privileges for users).
**mod rewrites are used to create SEO friendly links. You can find/edit them in the .htaccess file.

-Edit the console applications so that they connect to your database (I'm not writing a walkthrough for this, sorry).
-Create windows tasks (or w/e you want to use) to run the console app's at set times. You can also manually run them yourself.

Have fun, and enjoy.
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