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  • Please make requests here.
Please make requests here.
 #106  by Nito
 Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:19 pm
Requests are done at the leisure of the developers, so don't expect your request to be filled the next day.

For those who would like a clone to be done before a deadline, you will need to add that to your request. Please also add what you're willing to pay for that clone (Creating something on a deadline is work, not leisure, and therefore requires payment), and you whomever decides they would like the job will message you at their earliest convenience.

A proper request should look something like the below example:
Code: Select allLink: somerandomsite.com
Deadline: Yes. Need by 00/00/00
Payment: xxx.xx
Spec's: Forms need to be dynamic. I need the ability to specify user levels, and change permissions for levels.

Any clones that are paid for will not be available for the public unless the requester specifies otherwise.

Please be as specific as possible in all requests. Doing double the work because you didn't specify a particular need can and most likely will result in you not receiving help on any of your future requests.